Aloe Vera


“I’m doing things I haven’t done in years. Thank God for Aloe Vera.”

– Jan Sears


“I could hardly walk 2 blocks, 6 weeks of the Aloe Vera, now I’m walking 10 blocks, with no pain in my back.”

– Robert H. Weiner


“Thanks to Aloe Vera, walking and exercising has become a part of my daily routine, which are the activities I love to do.”

– JP, Georgia


“I have a form of arthritis. Called polymyalgia, it affects your tissues. Aloe Vera lessens the pain, to move more freely.”

– Mary Ellen Thompson


“After 8 weeks of starting Aloe Vera, relieved pain in back & shoulders. I was able to sleep good every night.”

– Paul Curtis


“My pain began in 1961 with RA, in 2002 my prayers were answered, when I started using Aloe Vera. I’ve been pain free since then.”

– “Jerri” Rush


“Aloe Vera is worth every penny, I take it 2-3 times a day, and never got the surgery for my knee replacements.”

– Nancy Strait


“Your Aloe Vera have kept my arthritis crippled hands from getting surgery.”

– Dorothy M.


“After 14 years of pain, I didn’t think anything would help, then I discovered Aloe Vera.”

– Diane Robinson


“I had tendonitis and bursitis for over a year, 2 weeks after using Aloe Vera, my pain has disappeared.”

– Elise Fountain

Aloe Vera Gel


“I have never experienced any drug that generates such profound healing as the natural molecules found in Aloe Vera gel.”

– Robert Siegel, M.D.

More Testimonials


“I had arthritis so bad I couldn’t move...my hands, my knees, all my joints. Particularly my hands, I was always hurting. Then a friend told me about Catherine’s Choice Aloe Vera and I ordered my first bottles. After the first jar I began to feel the difference. It didn’t happen right away - they’re not magic - but after the first bottle, I knew they were working. Last year I knit 52 scarves. Now that I’m not crying with my joints, I’m laughing all the time!"

-Leonore Medeiros


"I thought to myself, ‘If I keep seeing how much those pills helped other people. I’m going to try it.’ I received the Aloe Vera on November 17 and began taking two capsules the next morning. By December 10, I was almost pain free! I called the 800 number, literally screaming my joy. I tell everyone the remarkable results I’ve had taking Aloe Vera. I’m able to do my housework so much easier and wake up eager to take on whatever the day has in store for me!”

–Wilhelmina Winchester


“I prayed. I told God, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to be able to take this pain.’ I said, ‘Please give me a sign.’ And I got the Catherine’s Choice brochure in the mail. I read it and thought, ‘with the money back guarantee, what do I have to lose?’ So I called in the order. Before I had even finished my bottle, I was able to move my arm over my head. I love Catherine’s Choice. I tell everybody, ‘You’ve gotta take these!’”

–Barbara Brucato


The Aloe Vera capsules are wonderful for any kind of stomach problem. Two extra caps a couple of times of a day clear it right up. I’ve tried many products over the years. These have been a real blessing of God for me.”

–Dorene Weidman


"Knee, Foot, Back and Neck Pain – All Gone! “My entire body was wracked with pain. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t garden. And worst of all, I had to give up the ceramics I loved. There were times when I wished I would just go on to glory. Now thanks to Catherine’s Choice I can do anything. I do my own housework. I can walk. I still drive. I’m ready to get out a soapbox and preach about the miracle of Aloe Vera!”

-Juanita Stites

"My Mother Can Walk Without Pain! “Thank the Lord I received the booklet on Aloe. I ordered them for my mother. She is 92 years old (and had) arthritis in her knee. She could hardly get up and down. It was hurting all the time. Now she can get up and down real good, and walk real good too. I’m telling every-
one about this aloe!”

–Ruby Ball, TN


"Praise the Lord for His Gift of Aloe Vera! “As an organist and choir director, I literally live by my hands. When arthritis in my knuckles threatened the success of my Christmas Cantata, I needed to do something fast! Then I discovered Catherine’s Choice. I began taking the capsules, four a day, on November 29. The next day, the pain was less. By the following Wednesday at choir rehearsal, the improvement was dramatic! To make a long story short, we had a beautiful Christmas Cantata. And every note was me praising our Lord for his wonderful gift of Aloe Vera!”

–Balfour Knight


"Hip Pain: Gone! “After I broke my hip in 1999 I kept right in doing the household chores...but, I could hardly lift a laundry basket, much less make it up and down those stairs. Then I sent for a trial supply of Catherine’s Choice. What a difference! After taking it for a couple of weeks my hip no longer bothered me. And I have so much energy!”

–Ruby DeClue


"This worked better than my regular pain meds! “I’ve tried all of the drugs but nothing helped until I tried Catherine’s Choice. Now I can get up in the morning and not be moaning and groaning.”

–Barbara Owens

"I had nothing to look forward to but pain –pain! I had to tie a scarf around my wrist to hold my hand up to brush my teeth. I could not raise my arms to brush my hair or dress myself. I had help from my friends and family. They were my hands. Everything was done for me when I could not accomplish even the simplest tasks. The simplest tasks became major for me. I would take scalding hot baths to relieve some of the pain in my joints just to get through the day. I would stick my hands in a wash pan filled with paraffin wax to get some kind of relief from the pain. My doctor gave me a prescription for Enbrel injections. I took over 20 major prescription drugs during the time I was seeing my doctor. Nothing worked. He sent me to the University of Chicago where I was hospitalized for a week. A team of Doctors came into my room and gave me the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Then I discovered Aloe Vera through a brochure in the mail which technically changed my life. I can do anything I want to do whenever I want to do it. Rheumatoid Arthritis completely controlled my life. I was “chained to it”. Aloe Vera gave me the freedom to live...I am a new person. It is so wonderful to be free from the chains of Rheumatoid Arthritis and pain free since I have been taking Ken’s Best® Aloe Vera. I’ll never be without Ken’s Best® Aloe Vera."

—Jeraldean (Jeri) Rush


"I’m a person who has suffered many years from arthritis. “I send you my sincere greetings & hope my testimony helps others who suffer from arthritis. I could scarcely walk because of the arthritis in my left hip. When I’d lie down & stretch out my legs, I found that I was not able to draw them together again, & when I could manage to do so, I could not adjust them to another position again, as the pain was unbearable. The pain medications I took didn’t work; my hands would swell so badly that I was unable to use them. I had no appetite, lost 25 pounds within 6 weeks. I believed I was dying. But I believed in God. Then one day the mail brought me a booklet, & I began to read the testimonials of different people who were taking Aloe Vera which convinced me of the value of the product they were lauding, so I telephoned SLD Products in Florida. They sent me their Aloe Vera product, & I began taking their capsules for more than a year & a half. The result was a slow, but positive cure, so much so, that I recommended it to several people, giving them your phone number, etc. Thank you for Aloe Vera!”



“Back Pain”...I want to share my story! I love my wife very much so when she started to complain of back pain I became very concerned. We thought she might have lifted something too heavy which she often did. After a week of pain she agreed to go to a chiropractor. He gave her an adjustment and said to come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks. Well, it was 40 miles round trip so we went to our family Dr. and asked him what to do. He suggested prescription pain pills and arranged for her to go to a therapist. There was still no relief after weeks of treatments. I was about crazy not knowing what to do next. I would send up many prayers for something that would stop her pain. Then one day we got this folder in the mail about Catherine’s Choice Aloe Vera. What could I lose? I sent for it immediately. When we received the Aloe Vera, I started giving her two pills twice a day. The brochure said it may take a little while to get in her system. It took about two weeks when she noticed a difference. I asked her if her back still hurt. She said ‘no, it’s a little sore but it doesn’t hurt.’ Since then, no more pain. Thank God for Catherine’s Choice Aloe Vera. I’m telling everyone about it. It works!"


One Grateful Husband

—Frank PS. It’s been a couple years and still no pain!


"Seeing my doctor over the years did not seem to make a difference! “I am 86 years old and have had problems with back pain since my youth. As the years went by my back problems only got worse. Tylenol and/or other medications helped somewhat but didn’t seem to help for any length of time. The pain was worse in bed and my nights became more difficult as I grew older. After trying several different kinds of mattresses with no relief, I realized it was not the mattress that was the problem. Seeing my doctor over the years did not seem to make a difference. So I realized that I just needed to live with the pain. One day as I was visiting one of my sisters, she handed me a brochure that told of Catherine’s Choice Aloe Vera capsules and how much they had helped others who had been suffering with pain for years. Thinking that I had nothing to lose if I tried them, I sent for a trial offer. After using my first bottle, I didn’t feel much relief but I was hopeful so I sent for another order. I gradually began to feel relief and so I continued to use them. This is at least three years ago and I now have no more back pain. I can’t tell you how very grateful I am for the help I received from Aloe Vera.”



"In 1993, I retired from teaching in a high school. “I was in such pain that year, I was barely able to walk. I was determined not to miss a day. Several doctors told me I was going to have to have a hip replacement. I got a card in the mail telling of an elderly man who was working in the fields who could hardly walk. In the card was a product that would decrease the pain. The product was Catherine's Choice Aloe Vera. I ordered this product and have taken it for 20 years. I have never had to have any operations and have been free of pain for the past 20 years. I turned 85 last May. I give this product credit for my good health.”

—Marley Heggen


“Black Coconut Hand & Body Cream makes my skin feel and look soft and smooth again. I love the way it soaks into my skin without leaving a greasy residue.” – Gaynell Arthur, age 72 “I’ve tried just about everything they make for arthritis pain – Flexol® - no good. Celebrex®: works, but my stomach won’t allow it. Osteo-Bi-Flex®: does the job but it has aspirin, and that makes my hands bruise. Then a friend gave me a bottle of Anodin Plus. It does a better job than anything else I’ve taken and it doesn’t give me bruises like aspirin products do.” – Reverend Bill Clevenger “I’ve been taking Anodin Plus for almost a year. Before, I almost couldn’t move, the arthritis in my arm hurt so bad. Now, I do everything! I drive, I do housework, I go to the health club. I ride the bicycle, do the treadmill, I swim.”

– Tati Rivera


“Since I am taking Anodin for my painful hips, the pain is almost gone. Use to be that when I got up from a chair, after sitting a while, I could hardly start walking because of the pain. And by the way, the pain I had in my right shoulder for several years is gone! I had tried other products, but none worked like Anodin.”

– Esther Troyer, OH


“I just had to write and tell you how your products have changed my life. I am 82 years old and my family has been worried about me because I’ve had such horrible back and hip pain for years and had to use a walker or cane. I had fallen several times recently and... it became harder and harder to sleep at night because of the awful pain I was in. Then my granddaughter introduced me to your products. After taking the Aloe Vera capsules, Anodin and enzymes for only 3 days I noticed a difference. I started using the SportaRub on my hip and across my back. After 8 days total, I began sleeping the whole night through in one position, free of pain! I am no longer using a cane or walker.”

– Sarah Carmichael