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  1. Buy 10 Ken's Best Nopal

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          • Improves Blood Sugar Control: The obvious impact of today's American diet has on our overall health is that diabetes and heart disease are creaping higher. In a study published in the Journal of Ethnoparmacology in 2010, researchers found Nopal helped improve blood sugar control in people with prediabetes (a condition marked by abnormally elevated blood sugar levels).
          • Aids Your Digestive System: Rich in fiber, this remarkable supplement starts working as soon as it gets in your stomach making you feel comfortably full - a boon if you're trying to lose weight.
          • Keeps you RegularNopal contains both soluble and insouluble dietary fiber. Insoluble fiber, more commonly known as roughage, absorbs water and gently hastens food through the digestive system.
          • Lowers Your Cholesterol: Nopal contains Vitamin A, C, and B3 to help you achieve healthy cholesterol levels the natural way
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  2. Buy 3 Catherine's Choice Anodin

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    Catherine's Choice™ Anodin Plus helps stop pain in joints and muscles - and helps keep it from coming back! Anodin Plus helps your body build healthy cartilage and keep your joints well lubricated with glucosamine, MSM and hydrolyzed collagen. And it gives you immediate relief with a battery of herbal ingredients that nip pain in the bud. GOES TO WORK FAST...

    Anodin Plus gives fast relief for stiff joints and sore muscles with patented IsoOxygene, plus more than 20 added vitamins, minerals and herbal pain relievers including the natural COX2 and 5Lo inhibitors, powdered gingerroot and Baikal skullcap. 20 times more potent than any other botanical that has been tested, IsoOxygene works better, faster, and longer, thanks to a “microencapsulation” process that releases it into your system gradually over hours.

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  3. Buy 3 Catherine's Choice Aloe Vera

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    Organically processed within hours of harvest as it is, Catherine's Choice™ Aloe Vera can be as potent as fresh Aloe leaves. Containing only 100% pure, natural, organic Aloe Vera, it is both compatible and synergistic with other natural remedies and vitamins. In fact, aloe can actually enhance absorption, making vitamins and other nutrients more effective for you!


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  4. Buy 6 Ken's Best Aloe Vera

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    Aloe Vera is one of the Lord’s most powerful healing gifts – a virtual pharmacy-in-a-plant brimming over with vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, enzymes, and nearly 200 other compounds that fight inflammation, ease pain, and support healing. Aloe, which has been known for centuries, has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies just in the past half-century or so. This research is helping us understand how this amazing natural compound affects our bodies, eases our pain, helps us deal with inflammation and speeds the growth of healthy new tissue. 



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  5. Dr. Walton Aloe Vera Plus 3 month Supply

    Aloe Vera Plus utilizes a strategic formula of Natural Foods and antioxidants toboost the immune system, increase cellular turnover and increase energy and vitality. Additional antioxidants protect the body from formation of free radicals that can damage organs and cells. Also provides extracts that improve peripheral circulation, oxygenation and blood flow

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  6. Buy 10 Ken's Best Sport A Rub

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    Some pain responds best to heat. Other pain demands icy cold. Ken's Best SportaRub works fast on both kinds of pain, with a combination of cooling menthol, heat-producing methyl salicylate, and healing Aloe Vera that puts prompt, temporary relief rights where it's hurting you most -on aching joints and sore muscles.

    That makes this the perfect companion to Catherine's Choice'" Anodin Plus and Ken's Best Aloe Vera capsules ... helping to keep pain under control until the natural compounds in those two supplements have had a chance to get to the root of your pain.

    Isn't it nice to know that at the same time, the Aloe Vera gel in this soothing rub helps heal minor skin irritations and keep your skin soft, supple and healthy!

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