About Catherine's Choice Aloe Vera™

How Catherine’s Choice™ came to be.

When my wife Catherine and I founded Aloes International and launched the Catherine’s Choice brand back in 1981, Aloe Vera was an obscure folk remedy that few people knew about and even fewer actually used. But Aloe had had such a miraculous impact on Catherine’s health, we wanted to tell as many people as we could about the miracles this God-given plant could perform. At that point it had been 20 years since Catherine suffered the first of what was to become a series of kidney problems that ultimately left her with only one kidney and prone to recurring bouts of painful kidney stones and life-threatening infections. And it had been two years since she discovered Aloe, and everything changed.

It all began in 1961.

That was the year Catherine suffered her first massive kidney infection. I rushed her to the hospital, but her left kidney had been so badly damaged the only thing doctors could do was remove it. That left her with only one kidney, but as long as that kidney stayed healthy, we felt, we’d have nothing to worry about. We were wrong.

Catherine kept on developing kidney infections. Three more times I had to rush her to the hospital. Three more times she had surgery. Each time, numerous large stones were removed from her remaining kidney. She never knew when the pain would strike again. I lived in constant fear I’d lose her.

Because I was in the military, Catherine had access to some of the finest medical care in the country. She underwent surgery at Walter Reed Medical Center and at the National Institutes of Health. She had a growth removed from her parathyroid. She went on a low-calcium diet. Nothing seemed to help.

Two or three times a year for the next 17 years, Catherine would suffer a serious kidney infection. It seemed as if the infections would cause stones, and then the stones would stimulate the infection. It was a vicious cycle from which she couldn't seem to escape.

A great discovery, you can take Aloe Vera internally!

In 1976, I retired from the military and we settled in Florida. Living in the Sunshine State, with all its sunshine and attendant skin problems, we quickly became aware of all the benefits of the Aloe Vera plant. But it was not until 1978 that we learned Aloe Vera could be taken internally. What happened next seemed to us nothing short of a miracle.

No further kidney trouble of any kind!

Catherine began to take high quality Aloe Vera twice a day. From that time on, she had no further trouble with her kidney - no stones, no infections, no problems of any kind!

Needless to say, Catherine continued taking Aloe Vera and continued to see a urologist once or twice a year. Every time he gave her the same instructions: “Keep on doing what you are doing!”

We turned her victory into our retirement business!

Catherine and I spent the next 25 years spreading the word about natural remedies in general and Aloe Vera in particular. When Catherine passed on in June, 2007 at the age of 87, I pledged to continue our work. This website, our mail order catalog, Catherine’s Choice magazine, and our regular informational mailings are all part of that effort. My goal now is to ensure that her legacy lives on and our customers continue to benefit from the products we developed as a result of her experiences of suffering – and of relief from pain.